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Sumedha Jayasena

Who is Sumedha Jayasena, PhD?

A highly acclaimed Scientist / Leader / Manager with an unparalleled body of work in the realm of oncology, oligonucleotide therapeutics, microRNA, RNA interference and biomarker applications in oncology, viral hepatitis, wound healing, inflammation and immunology.

Credited with over 29 issued patents some of which have led to significant commercial successes in both diagnostics and therapeutics; impacting on the decrease in overall time and cost of pharmaceutical drug development, including clinical trials (via miRNA-based biomarkers) and giving birth to a proteomic-based biotechnology start up (with an array-based aptamer technology).

Possesses a well-demonstrated track record of Research Excellence and Leadership/Management Experience for over 25 years starting from the Stanford Research Institute, start-up biotechnology companies, NeXstar, Somagenics and Transderm, and the worlds’ leading biopharmaceutical company, Amgen. Became an industry-leading expert in Oncology and RNA interference with expertise in small molecule-, antibody- and aptamer-based drug discovery, development and diagnostics.

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The Early Days of TruCinn BG...

The TruCinn BG product was developed from a personal need by scientist Sumedha Jayasena, PhD.  He shared the product with friends and colleagues who might benefit from it, and after receiving overwhelming positive response, he decided to offer it to others.  It started small with a "rent a kitchen" type of setup where he could perfect the extract process and produce a small amount of bottles for the initial customers.  However, with growing demand, Jayasena partnered with successful e-commerce entrepreneurs and professional industrial certified food/supplement manufacturers and food/supplement certified packagers in order to replicate his recipe and be able to produce the quantities needed to meet demand.