Stabilicinn Advantages

Dr Sumedha Jayasena

Meet Dr Jayasena

Sumedha Jayasena, Ph. D. is a native of Sri Lanka and holds over 30 scientific patents worldwide in the area of Biotechnology. He grew up immersed in a culture with centuries of knowledge about the health benefits of its local natural resources. Ceylon Cinammon was one of these ancient Eastern wonders for which he developed both a deep knowledge, as well as a belief in its greater potential. Afterall, he knew that this particular type of cinnamon – often called “True Cinnamon” – was unlike its common Cassia cousin in that it provides amazing superfood health benefits but contains negligible amounts of Coumarin, which is a blood thinner and a potential liver toxin under long term use in high concentration. So pairing this knowledge with his modern Western scientific education, he became the mastermind behind Stabilicinn. Dr. Jayasena bio-engineered a very precise process to produce a liquid extract of Ceylon Cinnamon that retains highly efficacious polyphenolic compounds that are more effectively absorbed into the bloodstream than solid forms.

Stabilicinn Drop


A higher concentration of Ceylon Cinnamon in liquid format provides faster and stronger absorption (versus pills or powders), creating optimal potency.

Stabilicinn Drop

NEGLIGIBLE COUMARIN LEVEL (a potential liver toxin) 

Ceylon cinnamon has negligible amount of coumarin (a potential liver
toxin) versus common cinnamon (Cassia).

Stabilicinn Drop


All natural dietary supplement.* No preservatives. No artifical coloring or flavors. No fillers.

Stabilicinn Drop


Consumed straight or can be added to beverages.

 Stabilicinn vs Capsule

STABILICINN is expected to reach and even exceed desired concentration of bioactive ingredients of Cinnamon in the blood, whereas Cinnamon powder in capsules does not.

WHY? STABILICINN liquid is relatively easy and quick to be absorbed, while cinnamon powder in CAPSULES requires multiple, less efficient steps to digest.

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Capsule Absorption

More steps = Lower effective absorption

Cinnamon powder possibly containing undesirable volatile elements packed into capsule shell.[1]

Delivered in an INACTIVE form to the stomach, which needs to be further processed to release bioactive polyphenols

Step 1: Capsule dissolves/broken down by enzymes to release cinnamon powder particles
Step 2: Powder particles get broken down by enzymes to release bioactive polyphenols are absorbed at a much smaller percent of the consumed dose (39-53%).[2,3]

Stabilicinn Absorption

Single step = Extremely high effective absorption
Cinnamon bark is liquified and processed into a FILTERED and ACTIVE form prior to ingestion

Directly ingested, bioactive polyphenols are rapidly absorbed – up to 90-98% of the consumed dose.[2,3]

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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